Code of Conduct of Examination Candidates

The following rules and regulations govern all examinations held within Singapore Testing Qualifications Board Limited (SGTQB) and have been approved by the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB®):

  1. This examination offers in English.
  2. This is a paper-based examination, consisting of 40 multiple choice questions (MCQs) for Foundation Level and 60 MCQs for Advanced Level (applied to both Test Manager and Test Analyst).
    All questions need to be completed within 60 minutes and 180 minutes for Foundation and Advanced Level respectively.
  3. No breaks are allowed. Any unaccompanied departure from the examination hall is not permitted.
  4. Passing grade is to score at least 65% of all possible points.
  5. Mark your answer by filling in the selected label box completely on a separate answer sheet provided. If you change an answer, ensure to erase thoroughly and make no stray marks on the answer sheet. Answers with stray marks are scored as incorrect.
  6. You will be notified your result via email only within 3 weeks from date of examination. Those who passed the examination will receive a certificate issued within 2 months from date of examination.
  7. You must be arrived at least 15 minutes before the designated examination time. Those who late will not be allowed into the examination hall; Late arrival is not tolerated.
  8. You are required to produce your personal identification (e.g. NRIC, Employment or S Pass, Passport) to Proctor for verification before entering the examination hall.
  9. No materials, including but not limited to books, bags, notes or unauthorized materials are allowed on the examination desks except
    • Examination paper and answer sheet
    • Writing instruments (self-supplied stationery, the blank A4 paper provided)
  10. No recording, computational or communication devices of any kind are allowed, including but not limited to mobiles, calculators, cameras and computer. All should be turned off and stored away as instructed by the Proctor.
  11. No talking or any kind of communication is allowed. Should you require any assistance or to make complaint pertaining to the examination, approach to the Proctor only. Do not disturbing other candidates.
  12. No smoking and beverages or food during the examination.
  13. Any misbehavior or activity, which causes inconveniences or disruptions to other candidates, is not permitted.
  14. The Proctor reserves the right to revoke you from examination and escort you out of the examination hall, shall he/she suspects that you have violated any of the above conditions.
  15. You agree not to release any question of the examination paper, recreate any examination question from memorizing, create any replica examination question, or distribute any examination question or replica examination question and understands that should you do so, your certification will forfeit and may disqualify from future certification by SGTQB on behalf of ISTQB.
  16. Examination papers are strictly prohibited from broadcasting, recording or posting on any website, mails, publish or otherwise disseminate via any mean known or which in the future may become known.
  17. You agree to allow SGTQB to include your name in any database, posting to directory of certified person unless you have further indicated.

All candidates are deemed to have read and to agree to abide by these and other examination regulations as determined by the SGTQB from time to time.

Any infringement of these regulations may have serious consequences and may be referred to a Board of Enquiry.

It is in the interests of all examination candidates to co-operate to ensure that the examinations are conducted in a proper and orderly manner.

Cancellation/Re-scheduling Policy

  1. Payment is required to be settled in full within 3 days from the time of registration.
  2. Cancellation:
    • This must be in writing through an email sent to [email protected] at least 14 days prior to your scheduled examination date.
    • Exam fees will not be refunded but an option granted to re-schedule to another examination date and time as described at if available with incur a $30 administration fee.
  3. Re-scheduling:
    • Candidate has an option to change his/her scheduled examination date or time, but this must be in writing through an email sent to [email protected] at least 14 working days prior to your originally designated examination date or time and subject to availability. Postponements within 14 days or less before the scheduled exam will incur a $30 administration fee. Changes cannot be made 48 hours or less before the exam.
  4. Candidate who fails to cancel or re-schedule his/her scheduled examination within the specific timeframe stated, he/she will be considered as “no-show” and all fees will be forfeited.
  5. Candidate who is late or did not show up for a scheduled examination, the entire examination fees will be waived. There is strictly no refund or re-schedule allowed.
  6. In the event of unforeseen circumstances the Board reserves the right to change the exam schedule at any time with prior notice to all candidates.
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